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How to infiltrate Zero Day’s bunker in Watch Dogs: Legion

How to enter Zero Day's final confrontation.

Spoilers coming for The Face Of The Enemy, a mission close to the end of Watch Dogs: Legion. In this mission, you’ll need to infiltrate Zero Day’s military bunker. Here’s how to get into Zero Day’s bunker in Watch Dogs: Legion and solve the puzzle.

How to infiltrate Zero Day’s bunker in Watch Dogs: Legion

First up, you’ll want to pop on over to the Stockwell War Bunker. There, you’ll be greeted with a bunch of screens and an interactable keyboard. Use the keyboard, and then keep an eye on the screens. They’ll flash in a certain order and you’ll need to hack the screens in that order.

The order stays the same throughout but is extended three times, first with four screens, then six, then eight. If you fail, a combat spiderbot will drop down and offer an absolutely pathetic and easy-to-kill threat, and you’ll be able to try again. Just keep an eye on the order - get a pen and paper out if you’re struggling. After this, all you have to do is sneak your way through the bunker, find the evidence I won’t spoil for you here, and fight your way out after Zero Day rats your location out to Albion. After you're out, get your mask on and escape from the goons pursuing you.

If only it was that easy to thwart an international terrorist organisation! Just trundle on into a bunker, solve a memory test, and leave. If you’re struggling with the ‘fight your way out’ part of the guide, you might want find some of the tech and gadget upgrades in Watch Dogs: Legion, or just take some time off and listen to Watch Dogs: Legion’s soundtrack.

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