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How to recruit new operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion

New DedSec Operatives for days.

Watch Dogs: Legion lets you ‘play as anyone’, and this is pretty much universally true. Everyone on the street is a potential member of DedSec, and it’s up to you to pick and choose your group of vigilantes based on their skills and abilities. Here’s how to recruit new operatives into your squad in Watch Dogs: Legion.

How to recruit new operatives

Most of the time, you’ll be able to recruit new operatives just by picking them up off the street and doing them a favour. Here’s a step-by-step guide on basic recruitment:

  1. Walk up to a pedestrian
  2. Hold down the middle mouse button to bring up their info
  3. If you like the look of their perks, go up to them and press E to initiate recruitment
  4. Track their recruitment mission in the ‘Missions’ tab of the menu
  5. Go to whatever restricted area they want you to explore, complete the objective, and they’ll be your operative

To switch to your new operative, press Tab to open the menu and click on their portrait. Press G to switch to them. You can check their abilities in this tab too, as well as the abilities of potential recruits.

Deep Profile recruitment

If you’ve unlocked the Deep Profiling perk, you’ll be able to recruit people who don’t like DedSec at all, notified by the red thumbs-down on their hack screen. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Go up to them, hold middle mouse button, and press Q to save them to your potential recruits
  2. Go to your ‘Team’ menu and select them, pressing F to see their Recruitment Leads
  3. Right click on any one of these leads to investigate it
  4. Head to the investigation area by following the blue pin on your map, and follow the instructions given by Bagley
  5. Go back to the potential recruit to carry out a normal recruitment mission

These missions can be a bit tedious, so it might take a little extra ingenuity, but if you want some fancy new deep-state team members it should end up worth it.

Watch Dogs: Legion Green Dots - Skilled Recruits

Sometimes, a green dot will pop up on your map and Bagley will notify you of a specific person with skills that might be useful to you. If this happens, head over to their location on the map and either talk to them or save them as a recruit by scanning them with the middle mouse button and pressing Q. From here, it's a case of carrying out a mission to get them on board, just like with any other recruit. These people can range from weapons experts with big, fancy guns to celebrities who get recognised in the street - Bagley can give you some sweet recruits if you do their mission.

A future operative has a green dot over their head in Watch Dogs: Legion.
I didn't actually put them on my team because I already have a Dominatrix with a studded truncheon.

You can also get random-looking green dots without Bagley mentioning anything - these are basically the same thing. Hold down middle mouse button on them and your operative will talk to Bagley about how cool the person is with their unique skillset, and give you the opportunity to recruit them. Basically, the green dots give you a nice little pointer on who to recruit.

That’s all for recruiting new hacker pals! We have all kinds of pages on the game though - check out the list of all Watch Dogs: Legion songs, as well as our tips on how to earn Tech Points.

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