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How will Soulslikes evolve now that Elden Ring has set the standard?

I don't think I could handle an Elden Ring 2

Without a doubt, Elden Ring has spent hours of this year floating around my mind, like a parasitic gargoyle making a nest out of my stringy brain matter. Many of my thoughts on Elden Ring have been positive, as I'm still awestruck by the quality and scope of its open world (among many other things). But I admitted I'd reached my exhaustion point, which abated briefly, then came back with full force by the end.

Honestly, as much as I admire the game and its brilliance, I reckon it might be a bit too much for me. And as FromSoftware set the Soulslike standard, I find myself hoping that future Soulslikes don't get too caught up in trying to mimick Elden Ring.

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Elden Ring

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