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Hue: Showing A World's True Colours

Colouring in

One of the games which caught my eye at Rezzed on Friday was Hue [official site] - a platformer which relies on you manipulating the background colour of a level to progress.

According to developer Dan da Rocha the idea is that your character - Hue - is searching for his mother. She's a scientist who has invented an annular spectrum which allows you to see colour in the otherwise monochrome world. That's the device Hue is using in the video as he explores.

By switching between ten different colours you can reveal or conceal objects, depending on how you need to manipulate them in order to access more of the level. There wasn't much to play on the show floor so it's hard to say much about the game itself or the strength of any puzzles but I did like the art style.

You can see how the game works in the video above. Oh, and when you've watched it you can also help me with this: I'm so sure there's another game which had a similar idea regarding colour switching and I was trying to remember what it was so I could compare the two. Any ideas? I'm drawing a total blank.

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