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See How Inhuman You Can Be In Human Element

The sixth element, I believe

No such thing as too many zombie games, right? Robotoki's upcoming Human Element is a fast-paced shooter-slash-base-management chimera that takes place 35 years after the end of an undead uprising. Humanity has broken into gun-loving factions, and is now clamoring over what few resource-rich outposts remain.

The recent minute-long trailer is a Michael Bay madhouse that opens with a Zangief-lookalike strapping some dynamite to his motorcycle, tearing through the desert after some dudes, and - and that should tell you everything you need to know about the tone, really. According to the website, Human Element is a mix of Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag, with teams of up to five players racing about the world and pulping each other into giblets as they fight for control over those bastions of wealth. Players will be able to surreptitiously attach bombs to vehicles, enlist AI guards into the service of their homes, shoot other people’s guards so they turn into zombies (while avoiding having the same done to their guards), and drive around with a gun-toting maniac in their backseat. Also, survivors, AKA human players, can be customized and upgraded. Obviously.

Robotoki’s website hasn’t really gone into extensive detail about the amount of depth you might expect from Human Element’s base-building aspects, or what kind of skills we can expect the characters to have. I suspect this won’t appeal to the more cerebral zombie connoisseur.

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