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Humble Bundle Humbly Offers Its Own Autumn Sale

Pay what they want

Launching your own sale during the same period as Valve is kind of like showing off your sparkly new canoe at a rocket-yacht convention. You will inevitably be overshadowed. But this is the Grand Season of Sales, so everybody and their rocket-yacht's on-board AI programmed to speak just like Christopher Walken is doing it. That includes Humble Bundle, whose newly launched storefront has put a treasure trove of indies up for respectably slashed prices. Standouts include Kentucky Route Zero, Gone Home, the Crusader Kings II Collection, and Anodyne.

The full sale is made up of 18 games, and it runs from now until December 3rd. You may recognize those dates from their spotlight-stealing parts in hits like That Steam Sale I Was Just Talking About. Many of the games might also strike you as a bit familiar, but in this case 10 percent of proceeds go to charity.

Especially alluring deals include the entire 22 part Crusader Kings II Collection at $19.99, Gone Home for half off at $9.99, Mount & Blade: Warband for just $4.99, Frozen Synapse for the same price, and spiffy Zelda-alike Anodyne for a measly $3.99.

You really can't go wrong, unless you hate games and charity. If that's the case, you probably live in a volcano lair in a region plagued by maniacal-laughter-triggered lightning storms. At any rate, does Humble's sale catch your eye, or is Steam's cloud of clout simply too thick to see through?

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