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Humble launching $1 million publishing fund for Black developers

"We stand in solidarity"

Humble have announced plans to launch a $1 million fund (£800k) "dedicated to helping publish games by Black developers." This comes in a week of protests across America against police brutality and racism, following the police killing of George Floyd. "We stand in solidarity to condemn racism and violence against the Black community," the company said. "Humble believes in empowering and uniting communities through gaming and will leverage our platform to help achieve racial equity everywhere."

While Humble are best known for their pay-what-you want Humble Bundles and their Humble Store, they do publish indie games themselves too. Their publishing label has put out games including Temtem, Void Bastards, and Wizard Of Legend. Humble have also funded small and experimental games as 'Humble Originals' for their subscription service, Humble Choice. They relaunched their publishing brand only last month

How exactly the fund will work is unknown for now. Humble said in yesterday's announcement that they "will have more updates about the fund and other ways we are actively supporting organisations soon." It sounds like a decision they've only just made, which will take some business legwork to get up and running.

"In the meantime, the Humble community has always supported worthwhile causes in times of need so please consider donating to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund or Race Forward," they said, concluding the statement with "#BlackLivesMatter".

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