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Humble Offers Peeks At Upcoming Monthly Bundles

Here comes Alien: Isolation

I'd not grumble if the Whisky of the Month Club gave me a whisky I'd already drank - though I wouldn't be best pleased if it were the whisky I'd already drank. I'd be less thrilled with a video game subscription service sending me games I'd already bought, and have skipped over the Humble Monthly Bundle. But if you have been interested, here's a thing: it's become a touch less opaque. Each month, Humble will reveal one game from the upcoming mystery bundle, and let folks pay their $12 straight away to unlock that one game now then get the rest later. The first's a doozy: Alien: Isolation.

Initially, new Monthly Bundle subscribers would receive one game from the previous month's bag to tide them over until the next arrived. Under the new system, at the start of the month they'll reveal one game from the next month's bundle, then give it to new subscribers and current subscribers who choose to pay up early.

I still won't subscribe myself, as I'll end up with so many dupes and don't even have time to finish most of the games I choose myself, but do find it more attractive now I can see some of what's coming. I certainly wouldn't have signed up at the straight, without any idea of what the bundles would bring. Now we can look back at those from November, December, and January to see what they're like. They're, yeah, okay? Mostly games I own? I suspect many folks who keep up with goings-on in games, and especially sales, may already own a game or two from each bundle.

Have any of y'all signed up for the Monthly Bundle? Happy with how it's going?

I suspect mostly they're for a similar audience to the Cheese of the Month Club: folks who like cheese but don't really follow cheese news and cheese sales - people who might not read Roquefort, Paneer, Stilton.

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