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Humble Origin Raising Millions, Adds Two More Games

The Humble Origin Bundle is getting bigger. At the very moment you're reading this, their team of slave-children are adding two more games into the mix, and they're classics. Going into the record-breaking bundle are Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising, and - coo - Populous. And at this point, Humble Bundle have revealed that since they began, they've raised a total of over $20m for charities in just over two years.

This bundle has been nothing short of extraordinary. Nearly 1.7 million bundles sold, and well over $8 million raised for charities, and there are still six days to go. Whatever maniacal reasoning EA may have had, calculated in their terrifying dungeon laboratories, the results just cannot be scoffed at. It seems that just about everyone is benefiting, from EA with reputation improvements and a huge new audience dragged by the nose onto Origin, five very worthy charities who look likely to get a couple of million bucks each, and us getting a bunch of genuinely good games for very little money.

Right now, pay over the average of $4.82, and you'll get Dead Space, Dead Space 3 (yeah, no 2), Crysis 2 Maximum Edition, Mirror's Edge, the wonderful Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box, Battlefield 3, The Sims 3 and its starter pack, the classic Populous, and the expandalone Red Alert 3: Uprising (with a Steam key). Oh, and because it's important that the universe offer some balance in the face of all this goodness, you also get the utterly awful Medal Of Honor - but you could always gift it to an enemy. And yes, the expansion for Red Alert 3, rather than Red Alert 3 and it combined, is a bit strange. But hey, it's basically free! If you already bought the bundle, at any price, you'll find those two added to your loot pile.

We'll soon have a chat with Humble themselves to get their reaction to this all.

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