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Crusader Kings II And More In Humble Paradox Bundle

Bundle me do

Fine PC publisher Paradox have joined up with those Humble Bundleers to offer a pay-what-you-want bundle of- hey, haven't we done this before? So we have! I think this latest Humble Paradox Bundle is better than the first, though.

As ever, you get a selection of games from a list including Crusader Kings II, Magicka, Knights of Pen & Paper, and Europa Universalis IV depending on how much you cough up.

Paying at least $1 (about 60p) will get you multiplayer murderfest War of the Roses: Kingmaker, wizard incompetency simulator Magicka with a few DLC packs, role-playing role-playing game Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition, grand strategy game Victoria II, and a daft playtpus robe to wear in the free-to-play Magicka: Wizard Wars.

Moving up, beating the average price ($5.07, or £3.25, as I write this) will get you all those plus WW2 grand strategy game Hearts of Iron III, so-so dungeon management game Impire, the wonderful medieval political sim-o-strategy-a-RPG Crusader Kings II with one DLC pack, a little music, and some mystery extra games that'll be revealed next Tuesday.

Lastly, pay at least $15 (£9.50) and you'll get all that plus empire-building strategy game Europa Universalis IV and its Conquest of Paradise expansion.

All games come for Windows as Steam keys, some are for Mac too, some for Linux, and Knights of Pen & Paper is for Android too. This bundle will be on sale for two weeks then vanish into memory, where it shall rest until, in the event of another Humble Paradox Bundle launching, we drag it out in another two years to poke at and judge.

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