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Get all of Paradox's best management games for less than $20 in Humble's latest bundle

Cities: Skylines, Surviving Mars, Prison Architect and loads more

After the blurry blue delights of last month's Sonic fest, those bundle fiends over at Humble have put together a brand new pack of game goodies for December, this time focusing on Paradox's best management games to celebrate the early access launch of Surviving the Aftermath. Ironically, Surviving the Aftermath did not, in fact, survive the cut to get into the bundle itself, but Humble's Paradox management bundle does include the most excellent Surviving Mars, Cities: Skylines and Prison Architect and all their various expansions for under $20.

As is now the norm with Humble bundles, all the games on offer are all split into different tiers. You can choose to pay just $1 (75p), for example, and that will get you Prison Architect, Prison Architect's Aficionado expansion, plus Cities in Motion 1 and 2.

Pay more than the average, however (which currently sits at around £6 / $7.91) and you'll get a bunch more, including Cities: Skylines, three Cities: Skylines expansions (Green Cities, Synthetic Dawn Radio and the European Suburbia content creator pack), three expansions for Cities in Motion (US cities, Tokyo and German cities), plus the European cities expansion for Cities in Motion 2.

Go for the full $18 (£13.66), though, and you'll get all of the above plus Surviving Mars' deluxe edition (which includes the base game plus the Metropolis building set, new housing styles and an extra in-game radio station), its three expansions (Space Race, Green Planet and Project Laika), and Cities: Skylines' Industries expansion.

That's an absolute steal for the practically complete works of Cities: Skylines and Surviving Mars, as ordinarily you'd have to pay $30 each to buy them from Steam right now, and that's just for the base version of each game as well.

Plus, you can opt to send some of your money to Humble's chosen charity for the month, which is currently charity: water, or pick one of your own.

You don't have to worry about managing your time to make sure you pick it up immediately either, as this bundle will be planning very methodical pathways around the internet until Tuesday December 24th.

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