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Humble Saints Row Bundle has other games too

Homefront, Killer Is Dead, and more

The new Humble Saints Row Bundle is only about 50% Saints Row, puffed out with rusk and a little spice, but that's a legally acceptable ratio for sausages and I suppose will do for a pay-what-you-want bundle of video games. It's more like a Humble Deep Silver Bundle but shops don't go calling pork sausages 'pork, water, and rusk sausages' either. If you've somehow avoided picking up the splendid Saints Row open-world silly crimefests before: 1) welcome to the Internet! it's okay but watch your step; 2) you can now get them nice and cheap. They are fun video games.

As ever, the Bundle's games are divided into tiers, giving people more as they pay more. Along with Saints Row, it packs a grab bag of other games published by Deep Silver.

The entry point is at least $1 (about 77p). That gets you Risen 3: Titan Lords, an oddball pirate RPG which Alec took a tarnished shine to, post-apocalyptic platformer Deadlight: Director's Cut, the Cold War fanfic FPS Homefront, and Saints Row 2. That might be my favourite Saints Row, or at least my favourite GTA-y Saints Row.

Pay more than the current average ($5.08/£3.88 as I write) to get those plus Saints Row: The Third, satanic spin-off Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, Mega Man-y platformer Mighty No. 9, and kindaguffybutstylish Suda51 joint Killer Is Dead. Yet-unknown extra games will be added to this tier next week, whether you buy it now or then.

Pay $15 (£11.47-ish) to receive all that lot plus all of Saints Row: The Third's DLC, some DLC for Gat Out of Hell, the wonked but heartful open-world FPS Homefront: The Revolution, and Saints Row IV with gobs of DLC too. Saints Row IV is one of the best superhero games ever made.

All come as Steam keys for Windows, and some have Mac and DRM-free versions. You can divvy up your cash between Humble, Deep Silver, and charity as you see fit too.

You've another thirteen days to grab this before it vanishes.

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