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Humble Store launches its own winter sale

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Now is the winter of our discount content, as yet another store has launched a big winter sale. With Steam and GOG now hibernating in nests of blankets, tangerines, and chocolate coins after ending theirs [update: oh god, GOG have ANOTHER one? Please, go to sleep. I'm worried.], it's the Humble Store's turn to discount a great many games. Humble's a bit of a cross between those two, having a fairly large catalogue but one that's still missing a lot of games I'd like to recommend, and selling some games DRM-free, some as keys to redeem in clients like Steam or Uplay, and some as both. In short: three thousand games are in the sale, and here are a few ideas.

I'm rapidly running out of recommendations, so I'll say that some of our Steam winter sale recommendations also apply here, and then I'll rattle off a few games I'm playing and enjoying at the moment.

American Truck Simulator - £5.99 (60% off)

I recently got a new PC and so only have a few games installed, one of which is this mellow drive 'em up. I don't even remember installing ATS, it seems to have just happened, but here it is and here's my recommendation. I will need to install that fantastic horn mod Alec is using.

Deadly Premonition - £1.99 (90% off)

Here's a new 'thing': whenever I mention this wonderful but deeply wonky game in a sales post, you have to cheer as if a cuddly toy has just appeared on the Generation Game conveyor belt.

Grand Theft Auto V - £19.99 (50% off)

I've been playing GTA Online with chums and am still being surprised by how great this is. I dipped my toes into the multiplayer alone when GTA first came out but it seemed a mindless murderfest. Playing with chums, helping build their various crime empires, I'm having a whale of a time. I'm also delighted by how much weird and fun stuff is in this. Last night I flew ridiculous planes I hadn't even known were in the game, including the transforming Tula VTOL flying boat and rocket-boosted Starling bomber. Also, the virtuaclothes are fantastic and so varied. But it does suck when the game casually kicks you from sessions and when hackers murder you to bits, spawn swarms of angry dogs and bobcats around your motorcycle club president, or stick a Christmas tree to your body. Ah no, I did still laugh at the Christmas tree.

Viscera Cleanup Detail - £6.69 (33% off)

I've still not scrubbed away the new expositionary graffiti so I'd like to break out the buckets and form a cleanup detail soon. Mopping up blood, incinerating bodies, buffing out bullet holes, and collecting cartridges is a surprising delight in this cooperative cleaning game. Genuinely. Really. It's great.

Hit the Humble Store for more vid-e-o games. The sale will end on January 25th at 10am Pacific (that's 6pm UK time).

All this is only what I'm playing lately. What else would you recommend, gang?

Disclosure: I do kinda know some people who work on GTA, as does everyone else living in Edinburgh.

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