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Humble Store starts selling keys for Epic Games Store

They still use the Epic Launcher, obvs

The Epic Games Store is no longer the only place to buy its exclusives, as the promised partnership with the Humble Store has begun. You can now buy Epic keys for Metro Exodus and Dangerous Driving from Humble, as well as pre-order Borderlands 3 (you know better than to pre-order, of course). These still run through the Epic Games Launcher on an Epic account, so it's not a huge change, but this does mean they benefit from the wee discount of Humble subscriptions and might be in sales more often.

You'll find Metro here, Driving here, and Borderlands here. The 10% discount for Humble Monthly subscribers applies to Metro and Driving, though not Borderlands.

"More games are coming," Epic said in yesterday's announcement. This isn't a huge change but y'know, Epic are slowly making progress on the many features Steam has over their Store. Slower than expected.

"We've shifted features targeted for April to May and June as development efforts have focused on supporting online features required for new game launches," Epic added. They point to their Store roadmap on Trello for things to come.

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney recently claimed the company would stop pursuing sloosies if Steam would match Epic's lower 12% cut of sales. That's a bold claim, one which presents their multisquillion-dollar move as an altruistic act to pressure Valve. Which seems unlikely.

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