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Humble Weekly Sale Offers PopCap Games For Charity

EA giving 100% cut to fight cancer

This week's Humble Weekly sale is a PopCap bundle, but with an added twist: EA are giving 100% of their cut to charity. Two charities, in fact, between which you can choose your split: the V Foundation for Cancer Research, and The Melanoma Research Alliance which specifically fights skin cancer.

Pay more than $1 and you'll get a copy of Peggle (download size: one Peggle), zen-like match three puzzler Bejeweled 3, word puzzler Bookworm Deluxe, and two other games. Pay more than $6 and you'll also get Plants vs. Zombies, Zuma's Revenge and Peggle Nights. You'll even get Origin and Steam keys for each one.

Maybe this is Kindness Week and we only just realised?

If you were a regular reader of RPS circa 2007-2010, you'll already know what all these games are and why they're great. Specifically, Peggle is a pachinko-like arcade game in which you fire balls to clear pegs, presented in a silly, emphatic style, replete with bombastic blaring of Ode to Joy whenever you clear the final peg. I like to play it with a crowd gathered around a projector screen at house parties.

Zuma has a similar ball-firing mechanic, but is about matching three colours in a snake of similar balls. Bejeweled 3 is the most modern edition of the match-three puzzle game your Mum plays while she's pretending to listen to you on the phone (and which I play while lounging on the couch). And Plants vs. Zombies is the tower defense game in which you place spitting flowers to protect your home from the zombie hordes.

God, it's a great selection of games. I hear Bookworm is brilliant too. If you don't any of them, go chuck in some money for the fight against cancer and have fun while feeling good about yourself. And/or pitch in to help Brandon Boyer with a similar Humble Bundle sale of Devolver games.

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