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Humble's Fight For Racial Justice Bundle is a great deal for a great cause

50-odd games

As one bundle ends, another begins. Humble Bundle today launched their Fight For Racial Justice Bundle, raising money for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Race Forward, and The Bail Project. For $30 you can get 50-ish games including Spelunky, Kerbal Space Program, Baba Is You, Jackbox Party Pack 4, Hyper Light Drifter, NBA 2K20, and Football Manager 2020. It's impressive. Humble's publishing arm also today revealed more of their plans for The Black Game Developer Fund, aiming to spend $1 million a year supporting Black devs.

Unlike regular Humble Bundles, this has a flat minimum price. Pay $30 (£25.50) and you will get: Age Of Wonders III, All You Can Eat, A New Beginning, Armello, Baba Is You, BioShock Remastered, Broken Age, Company Of Heroes 2, Crowntakers, Darkest Dungeon's Shieldbreaker DLC, Eastside Hockey Manager, EarthNight, Elite Dangerous, Endless Space Collection, Football Manager 2020, Framed Collection, FTL, Gonner, Gunscape, Hyper Light Drifter, In Between, Kerbal Space Program, Kingdom: Classic, Knights Of Pen & Paper 2, MirrorMoon EP, My Memory Of Us, Neo Cab, Newt One, NBA 2K20, No Time To Explain, Observer, Overgrowth, Overlord II, Pesterquest, Planet of The Eyes, Plunge, Realpolitiks, Regular Human Basketball, Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, Spelunky, StarCrossed, Super Time Force Ultra, Surviving Mars, System Shock: Enhanced Edition, System Shock 2, The Ball, The Jackbox Party Pack 4, This War Of Mine, Titan Quest, Vertiginous Golf. And then loads of books and comics.

A whole lot of good stuff there. Sheesh. All games offer Steam keys, and some come as DRM-free downloads too.

All proceeds will go to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Race Forward, and The Bail Project, divided between the three as you please. The Humble Fight for Racial Justice Bundle will be sold for one week, until 7pm (11am Pacific) on Tuesday the 23rd.

Humble Games today also opened applications for The Black Game Developer Fund too, a scheme to support Black devs with around $1 million (£800k) every year. Developers which are at least 50% owned and operated by people "of African origin living inside or outside the continent, irrespective of their citizenship and nationality," can apply for help with funding, production, and marketing. Head over here for more details and the application form.

Humble say $1m is a target not a hard number, and they may pay out more or less depending on applications. As for other groups, they do say this is "not the limit of our ambition on the topic of racial equity but a starting point."

Earlier today, indie games store Itch.io's Bundle For Racial Justice And Equality wrapped up after raising $8.1 million for the NAACP Legal Defense And Educational Fund and the Community Bail Fund. It ended up with 1704 video games, tabletop RPGs, books, and more.

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