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Hungry like the Old English Poem

It's late.

Okay, I was thinking I may actually have an exclusive for the half-dozen readers that Rock Paper Scissors has at the moment, involving a little thing by the name of Beowulf that was announced the week before last.

While I went to see the game of the film of the poem almost two months back, the Non-disclosure agreement only lifted on July 26th to tie in with the film of the poem's proper unveiling, meaning my interview/preview for Eurogamer was only published then. It's basically one of the post-God-of-War combat games which are increasingly coming to light after Sony's game's enormous and justified success (For a pure-PC example, cast your eyes at Loki, which Jim will have words to say about later, I suspect). Well - it's God of War meets Ghost Recon, in that you've got some mates you can order around, but it's basically God of War.

(Well - God of War meets Ghost Recon with a splash of Fable, in terms of the Be Good Or A Be Cunt axis)

If you read the preview, you'll see that I've got little idea how entertaining the game will end up being. We were only demoed 10 or so minutes of (fairly impressive) gameplay and no-hands-on time, meaning predictions are premature. Positively, the team seem genuinely enthusiastic, at least, and while a hacker is outside their experience, it's not as if the team's previous Ghost Recon games haven't shown a degree of flair. However, putting aside all that, I noticed that Editor-supreme of Eurogamer, Kristan Reed, had added a "Coming in November for PS3 and X360" note at the bottom.

Which made me think. You see, there was a number of journalists there who were PC-only writers. Their very presence would imply that - actually! - it's also coming to the big beige box, as even PRs aren't even enough to drag journalists over to Paris to see a game which isn't coming out on their format. So, a news story where we casually reveal it's coming to the PC too would be kind of neat.

Except it's already common knowledge it's coming to the PC, it seems. That's THAT sketch knackered, etc.

Anyway - anyone know any good Barbarian jokes? We've ran right out.

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