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Hunt down elves for double XP in Deep Rock Galactic's Christmas event

Elf's back on the menu, boys

Don't you just love Christmas? The music, the food, the laughter, the screams of elves getting shoved into boxes in a cold dark space mine. It's the most magical time of the year, especially now that charming co-op shooter Deep Rock Galactic has launched its annual Yuletide Elf Hunt. It's time to dress up your dwarves, grab your pickaxes, and get back to hauling rocks for an oppressive corporation. There's double XP in it for you.

The event actually includes two assignments, each sending you on a series of missions that you can complete for "hefty" progression rewards and special Christmas cosmetics. The missions aren't that different from regular ones, as best I can tell, except for the addition of creepy little elves that scuttle along cave ceilings and walls. If you can catch one and stuff it in your robo-mining cart, you'll earn double season XP for that mission.

Completing the Yearly Performance Bonus assignment earns you "the Reindeer Games headwear", while finishing the Elf Hunt nets you the elf costumes above, the "Chillaxe pickaxe set", and a festive paint job for the little robot that joins you if you launch into missions by yourself.

The best bit might actually be all the decorations in the hub, which is an unusually extensive and interactive lobby area where you hang out while your chums fiddle with their weapons and whatnot. It's now extremely Christmassy, and includes snowballs for you to chuck at each other. The robot that serves you beer is wearing a little hat now, look.

Best get cracking, because the event ends on January 5th.

You can currently grab Deep Rock Galactic for 67% off on Steam, putting it at £8/$10/€10.

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