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Hunt: Showdown is planning a PvE only mode

The hunt stays, the showdown goes

Last week, Hunt: Showdown developers Crytek outlined their plans for the future of the PvP creature hunting game. Most of the post is spent introducing Koch Media, who will be serving as the game's publisher for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Buried at the bottom are some longer term plans including a future Solo PvE mode.

According to Crytek's blog post, coming first is Hunt: Showdown's update 1.2. That update will bring matches with random teams of three. It will also add an additional tutorial, new Legendary Hunters, and new weapons and gear. The last bits mentioned are "server-side performance improvements, client CPU performance fixes, and a number of other general bug fixes." You can watch the developers go over all of the changes for 1.2 in the YouTube video below.

Beyond 1.2, Crytek also mention plans for later in the year. Among the briefly mentioned additions are a new map and outfit customization but the Solo PvE mode sounds to be the most interesting. Avoiding other players while attempting to take down the grimy swamp monsters of Hunt: Showdown is its primary feature, so doing without the pressure of fellow hunters is quite the choice. There are always folks like me who wither under constant PvP and like to take a break, so perhaps Showdown's playerbase will make good use of the option.

In Matt's Hunt: Showdown review, he explains how the tension between players is one of the thrills of Showdown: "In one game I tracked and killed a Kronenburgy butcher pig by myself, then sweated in a corner while two separate sets of footsteps collided outside." He then scooted out the back door, bounty in hand, while the other players continued fighting.

We'll all have to wait to hear more about how Crytek plan to keep the pressure on while hunting monsters without the threat of bounty thieves. Or perhaps the pressure is meant to be off, which doesn't sound like an awful thing to me.

You can find Hunt: Showdown on Steam for £36/€40/$40.

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