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Hunt: Showdown patch targets performance


Crytek have released the first "performance patch" for Hunt: Showdown, focused on making the early access PvPvE monster-hunting first-person shooter run better, and many players are reporting meaningful improvements. That's fine news because, according to Fraser Brown, Hunt is "a clever competitive shooter and an excellent source of emergent stories. And disasters. Mostly disasters." Framerates and stuttering and should be improved now, though the patch cannot do anything about your stuttering surprised cries of "M-m-m-monster!"

Crytek explained in yesterday's patch notes:

"This round of fixes is designed to address most of the severe performance issues that have been reported, with a specific focus on stalling and stuttering as well as optimizing heavy CPU and RAM usage by Hunt. Our goal with this update is to improve the overall performance for everyone, before working on optimizations aimed at increasing the framerate across the board. Some users may experience a jump in framerate, while some may see only minor increases. Everyone should encounter a more stable and stutter free gameplay experience."

Looking at player responses, yup, it seems some have noticed big changes and some not really anything. Performance has been one of the main complaints since Hunt entered early access in February.

Crytek say they plan to continue improving performance themselves, as well as provide more support for tweaking performance. This hasn't been Hunt's only problem--just on the technical side of the game, connection issues have been notably bad too--but it's good to hit.

The tentative plan is for Hunt to be in early access for a year or so. It's £26/€30/$30 on Steam.

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Hunt: Showdown

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