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Hurrah! - Defense Grid 2 Funded By Secret Investor

Last summer, with our wallets combined, we nearly came together to form Defense Grid 2. But not quite. The cruel genie-in-a-bottle that is Kickstarter gave us most of what we wanted, but not all of it. So yes, surprise expansion Defense Grid: Containment got funded, but the promise of Defense Grid 2 melted like ash in our mouths when Hidden Path's crowdfunding drive fell well short of $1,000,000. Jim and Alec have been weeping incessantly ever since. Now, however, I'm excited to report that they've stopped - and also that we're getting a full Defense Grid sequel after all I guess! Some glorious tower-defending angel investor swept in from on high, and the day is saved.

Hidden Path explained the situation in a (sadly un-embeddable) video, but here's the gist:

“You guys supported us. An investor saw your support, saw us make promises to you, saw us keep those promises to you, and after Containment shipped, they decided to partner with us and invest in Defense Grid 2."

"Defense Grid 2. Fully funded. Moving forward."

Assuming it's keeping in line with the original vision proposed on Kickstarter, Defense Grid 2 will include a 20-mission campaign with a new look, new aliens, new tower types, new modes, and a new story. Here's hoping that means more charmingly entertaining narration as well.

Oh, and it gets better. Even though Kickstarter only raised a hair over $250,000, backers (at the $15 tier and beyond) still get a free copy. On top of that, since the $750,000 goal has now technically been met, a level editor and Mac/Linux support are in as well.

The pleasantly RTS-ish tower defense sequel will be out early next year. I suggest you begin gridding your loins in preparation.

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