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Hyper Scape's very first season is here, bringing a new gun and lotsa lore

Another day, another 100-level battle pass to grind

Just when you think video games are done throwing battle royales at you, they find a way to slip another new one in. The most recent on the scene is Hyper Scape, Ubisoft's fast-paced take on the last-man-standing game mode. After a few weeks of betas galore, the game properly launched today, kicking off its first season. Now, a first season wouldn't be very good without new toys to play with, so it's bringing with it a new weapon, new Hack and even some limited-time game modes to keep you interested.

Oh no. There's new story stuff, too. No one told me Hyper Scape had narrative. Well, now I have to play it.

So, Hyper Scape's very first season, The First Principle, is introducing many a new thing, the first of which is a gun called the Dragonfly. It's a new silenced mid-range rifle with which to somewhat stealthily take out your opponenets. There's also a new Hack (those are your abilities) for players to try out called Magnet, which lets you draw in and trap potential assailants. It doesn't sound like it'll work very well with the new mid-range weapon, but it looks pretty cool nonetheless.

If you're interested in the game's lore, you'll want to keep a look out for some new things called Memory Shards in your matches. The devs say these are "narrative collectibles that periodically appear throughout Neo Arcadia and can be found during play. Each Shard contains an image and lore fragment that take you into the lives of the characters and events transpiring this season."

As is always the way these days the game launched its battle pass today, too. It has all that good stuff you expect - gun skins, emotes and all that - and you can have a look at everything you can unlock in both the free and premium version right here.

On top of all that, there's a new Twitch extension for Hyper Scape now. It's called Crowncast, and from what I understand, it's a way for Twitch viewers to support their fave Hyper Scape streamers by donating them a special Hyper Scape-y thing called Kudos. It also lets viewers level up their battle passes just by watching other people play, because you can never truly stop the battle pass grind. Never.

For as cynical as I feel about yet another one of these games, I am told it's quite good. In his Hyper Scape review, Matt said it played more like Quake than a battle royale, saying "it's so fast and so different, and so very much worth playing".

Hyper Scape is free-to-play and you can have a go of it yourself right here. Or for more info, the Season One patch notes can be found over here.

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