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Hypnospace Outlaw sequel Dreamsettler announced

Jacking into a 00s alternate-reality Internet

After jacking into an alt-reality 90s Internet in Hypnospace Outlaw, creators Tendershoot are now jumping forward a few years with a "spiritual sequel" named Dreamsettler. Announced today, Dreamsettler will once again send us into an unconscious alternet, this time set from 2003-2005. Watch the trailer below for a peek at the wonders awaiting.

I really dig some of those Netscape Navigator-esque logos. The news came from today's Hynospace Next livestream, which included a slightly longer look at the game as well as the announcement of Slayers X, a 90s-esque retro FPS 'made by' loudmouth Hypnospace character ZANE_ROCKS_14.

Dreamsettler's blurb explains that we will "take the role of an internet sleuth, helping users on the Somnius Sleepnet System with their problems. You'll be exploring webpages, experiencing the beginning of social media, listening to hours of music from alternate-reality genres, watching all sorts of mad videos, and generally exploring a version of the 00s internet that feels familiar yet different... and that'll be before it starts to get really dark."

Hypnospace, but more 00s, and as less of a cop. Gotcha. I'm in. Hynospace Outlaw was fantastic.

"I've had such a time with this," John Walker (RPS in peace) said in our Hynospace Outlaw review. "I've been bemused, entranced, confused and delighted. I've laughed a lot, been slightly creeped out, and constantly astonished at the level of detail in every element of this. There is just SO much to do, to explore, so many secrets I know I've missed, and bits I want to return to. This is completely splendid."

We went on to call it one of our favourite games of 2019 too. So, high hopes for a follow-up. If you dig it, I do recommend Alex Wiltshire's chat with creator Jay Tholen about making that mock-90s Internet.

Dreamsettler is coming to Steam "soon", published by No More Robots. You can sign up for beta testing of both this and Slayer X.

I can only hope Dreamsettler might bring us another killer Christmas song. I still listen—and cry—to Hynospace's amazing Christmas Pain In Christmas Town every year. It's a tradition!

Disclosure: sometimes RPS contributor Xalavier Nelson Jr. was narrative designer on Hypnospace Outlaw. Dunno if he's involved with this one?

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