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I Cannot Figure Out What To Do In Starseed Pilgrim

The game isn't new, but we've stumbled our way past it like the blundering fools we are. Starseed Pilgrim is a puzzle game that offers you a peculiar set of abilities, and no instructions. No guidance how to use the "seeds" you can plant to grown variously coloured blocks, nor any guidance as to what you're supposed to be doing with them. Finding out is the point of the game. I failed at this game.

The game was in the Bundle In A Box, which I am hideously guilty of not having explored nearly well enough. It's now available directly from Droqen (he of Probability 0)

Pressing the Spacebar plants a seed, of the colour based on the lowest of three dots above your character's head. Each grows in a different way - pinks very slowly grow straight upward, greens grow a grassy area with hearts in them, and browns grow a strange swampy sludge from which you cannot jump. There's a black block somewhere below you that gradually corrupts the blocks surrounding it, and a black block above you, that when the game switches dimensions for some reason, seems to have a key in it.

That's what I've learned. Um.

Perhaps you're brainier than me, and can figure it out. I feel thick. I'm going to see if YouTube can tell me the answer.

Heh - nope, a video of someone having the very same experience as me. And as he puts it in his being defeated by it, "Strange little game, but I like it." (This video also appeared in my search results, and perhaps sheds equal light on the matter.)

The issue here is that the game costs $6, without a demo. Not a big price, obviously, but it's rather hard to suggest you pay for a game I haven't fathomed. I wish there were a demo so you could prove yourselves far smarter than me and them commit to paying.

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Starseed Pilgrim

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