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I mean yeah, of course Konami are selling NFTs; they're Konami

If they resurrect Silent Hill through NFTs I will scream

Konami, the Japanese company best known for squandering every shred of goodwill they built through series like Castlevania and Metal Gear Solid, are getting into NFTs. Of course they are. Should've guessed. While publishers like Square Enix, EA, and Take-Two are still contemplating NFTs, I am not remotely surprised that Konami are one of the first notable names to actually start selling useless digital junk. Next week, they will hold an auction for NFTs of videos, artwork, and music from early Castlevania games. Konami, man.

The Konami Memorial NFT will open with a collection of 14 items on Opensea, auctioning one-of-a-kind NFTs for video clips, music, artwork, and such from early Castlevania games. From Wednesday the 12th of January through the 14th, they will auction them off, with payment in Ethereum (a cryptocurrency you can mine or, more likely, buy with real currency). Mining Ethereum burns less energy than Bitcoin but yup, it's still one of those crypocurrencies ultimately created through thousands of GeForces and giant electricity bills.

Of course, all you're buying is a database entry. Konami stress that buying the NFT "does not entitle you to any intellectual property rights (copyrights, trademarks, etc.)." And everyone online is freely able to view the assets, and can download them with a simple right-click. But some database will say it's yours, impressing only other people who care about that stupid database or people who think they can make money by pretending to care about that stupid database. But wait, as a bonus, Konami will list your name on their website for a whopping 10-and-a-bit months. Wow!

I imagine this junk will sell for a disgusting amount of money and Konami will feel emboldened to continue drinking the dregs of former glories. Maybe this is what they're saving Silent Hill for. God help us.

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