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I Need To Be Playing Rogue Legacy Right Now

My arrival to Rogue-likes was a late and timid one. I'm a wimp, and fear the ASCII. But games like Spelunky and Dungeons Of Dredmor are my happy place, so the sight of Rogue Legacy has me biting at the screen to get to play. A 2D procedurally generated platformer, packed with dangers of death, but this time should you die, you pass on your knowledge to your children. Children who are... unique.

So it's certainly not perma-death, as you might expect for the genre. But wow, it's an interesting idea based on it. Each new generation is born with specific traits. They might be colour blind (game goes black and white), dyslexic (you struggle to read the signs), have gigantism (extra big, obv), near-sighted (the screen gets blurry farther away from you) or, er, suffer from flatulence (fart jokes!). Alongside that, there are classes to choose from that change how you approach things, a spell system, and puzzles to solve. WANT.

And it's from the people who brought us Don't Shit Your Pants.

So, as I seem to be typing in every post now, it's stuck in the Greenlight queue, and will be released when/if it's voted out of there. Anyone in Seattle who fancies kicking Valve in the shins and telling them it's from me, please do.

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Rogue Legacy

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