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I Want My PVP: Forge Launches

If I arranged to meet an MMO for a blind date in a crowded café or bar, chances are I'd end up in an awkward situation, smiling and half-nodding at every MMO that walks past in case it's the one that's expecting me. "Hi, you must be Forge?" I'd say, before realising I was talking to a bloody panda or high-ranking member of the Illuminati. Then I'd leave without ever meeting the PVP-centred potential love of my life. Thankfully, Forge's developers have released a video to coincide with its release, hoping that people will pick up on a distinguishing feature or two. Let's see what we can see.

I think Forge wants to be recognised for its lack of levelling, and blend of class-based team-killing and PVP spell-biffing, but I've got to admit that after watching the footage above I'd be looking out for someone who can jump really high and spins round and round quite a lot. Still, at least Forge isn't just wearing a thousand ostentatious hats or a rose in its lapel.

You can arrange a date with Forge now but this fellow is not free-to-play. It'll cost you, although at these prices you're not going to be ordering anything other than the house red.

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