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Illumininjas: Low Light Combat On Sale For Charity

If there is any nuclear-powered cyberninjas deciding world issues for the Illuminati via proxy battles after travelling to a deserted ice cave in a submarine simulator you buy to donate to charity today, THIS would be your one.

Wolfire Games joined in the Humble Indie Bundle Mojam 2 drive and were given the theme of 'Nuclear War', so it's only natural that they should want to make a cyberninja multiplayer stealth deathmatch game. Stealth is very much at the forefront here, although from the video it seems like all-out energy-carnage. With only enough nuclear energy to last for sixty seconds, it's a ninjafest of blue flashes. FAR OUT, MAN. It's so far out... I can't help myself...

Imagine if David Bowie were a cyberninja?

...What am I talking about. He totally already is.

Developer David Rosen said "We had even more ambitious plans for the game, with extra levels, narrative, and graphical effects, but netcode ended up taking most of my time. You can expect to see those other plans realized in an update within a few months!"

Wolfire Games' Low Light Combat is now on sale seperately from the bundle and you can buy it here for a lowly five bucks and choose whether your money goes to Camphill California, to improve quality of life for people with developmental disabilities, or to the Blender Development Fund in support of free and open-source 3D modeling software. Hurrah for ninjas!

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