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I'm Not A Crazed Gunman, Dad - I'm An Assassin

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Meet the Sniper!

Let's not talk about the accent, okay? Let's just talk about the fact it's very, very funny, and does an impeccable job of making one of the classes we so love to hate (CAMPING BASTARDS) endearingly human. Even the most cold-blooded of killers has daddy issues.

Update, after a dozen happy watches of the thing. Things to look out for:
- Keep an eye on the lower left of the screen during the coffee scene
- Does the bobblehead hint that we'll be seeing the VIP-escorting Hunted map from TFC return? Ooh...
- Is that a new gun the Pyro's carrying? - See below.

The Mysterious New Pyro Weapon:

It seems new.

Pyro update perchance?

Close up.

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