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Imagine it is worth going outside with this beautiful wicker furniture set for The Sims 4

Wicker wicker wild wild west

Currently I am working on building a home for Sin in The Sims 4, much like I built a home for Alice 0. This means I've been looking for a lot of plant and outdoor bits and pieces, because Alice O is well into plants, and for Sin's home I am taking a little inspiration from her natural Minecraft hermitage.

Unfortunately, the UK has been ravaged by Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis for two consecutive weekends, so going outside to sit on a lounger is but a pipe dream. But a dream we can live out in The Sims 4, at least, thanks to this lovely wicker patio set by Peacemaker-ic

Peacemaker is a pretty well known custom content (cc) maker, but I'm still new to all this cc malarky, and I've only just started exploring his item sets. This latest, the Oasis-Chic Living set, is well worth a shout out, though, because it is proper cool. This weird sunken pergola I quickly threw together does not, perhaps, show it to best effect, but I tried. The pergola is actually part of the set, and comes in ten different colours.

Ten colours is nowt, though, when you consider that each of the wicker furniture pieces has 30 different colour swatches. There's a loveseat, a sofa, an armchair, a pouffe, a lounger, and a motherfuckin' throne, as well as a side table and coffee table.

Fear the majesty of my wicker throne. The firepit comes in different colours too, and flames properly and everything. There are also heatlamps, which will actually warm your Sims up if they're getting a bit shivery outside.

Massive kudos should go to Peacemaker for the cushions, though. They have a whopping 40 patterns to choose from. I couldn't show them all but I picked a handful of the swatches I thought showed off the range the best.

Note also the four new pot plants! They have different leaf styles, too. I mean, look at this big fern.

Exactly what I needed for Alice 0's patio. I love Peacemaker's style, which is somewhere between alpha (realistic looking) and Maxis Match (the base style of The Sims 4).

One thing to be aware of is that a lot of these pieces are very high poly count - The Sims 4 is a low poly game, so when objects have too many smooth curves they can have a lot of polygons, and that can make your PC chug if you place too many of them. The majestic wicker throne is a bit of a beast in that respect. But then, how many wicker thrones are you going to be placing?

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