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Immortals Fenyx Rising map: All chest, vault, puzzle, and lyre locations

Save yourself hours of Far Sight with this Immortals Fenyx Rising map guide

Looking for an Immortals Fenyx Rising map? Like any open world RPG, Immortals Fenyx Rising has loads of collectibles. Collecting them all can prove a little tiresome, as some are incredibly difficult to find. Fortunately, we're here to alleviate some of that stress with our Immortals Fenyx Rising map that marks every collectible.

In this guide, you'll find our Immortals Fenyx Rising map that covers every region in the game. You can use this map to find all chest, vault, puzzle, POI, and lyre locations in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

Note: Spoilers follow, obviously. You've been warned.

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Immortals Fenyx Rising map

Let's start with the overview: here is a composite screenshot of the entire Immortals Fenyx Rising map, the Golden Isle:

The map is divided into seven sections:

  • Clashing Rocks (the archipelago at the bottom, where you begin the game)
  • Valley of Eternal Spring (Aphrodite's region, south-west)
  • Grove of Kleos (Athena's region, north-west)
  • War's Den (Ares's region, south-east)
  • The Forgelands (Hephaistos's region, north-east)
  • King's Peak (Zeus's region, far north)
  • Gates of Tartaros (centre, cannot be scaled until the end-game)

You'll be bouncing between these different regions while on your quest to unify the Olympians and thwart the evil Typhon's plan for world domination. And along the way, you'll come across hundreds of different points of interest, from chests containing rare loot to mythical challenges and puzzles, Vaults of Tartaros to explore, and much more. Learn where each and every one of them is in the sections below.

Clashing Rocks

Below is every point of interest we've found in Clashing Rocks:

Valley of Eternal Spring

Below is every point of interest we've found in the Valley of Eternal Spring:

Grove of Kleos

Below is every point of interest we've found in the Grove of Kleos:

War's Den

Below is every point of interest we've found in War's Den:

The Forgelands

Below is every point of interest we've found in the Forgelands:

King's Peak

Below is every point of interest we've found on King's Peak (note: some are labelled as complete but they're still visible).

Gates of Tartaros

The Gates of Tartaros can indeed be scouted, but the location is not labelled on the map. Just go to the clearing right on top of the gigantic skull on the south side of the volcano. There you can scout the area just like any other section of the Golden Isle.

Below is every point of interest we've found in the Gates of Tartaros:

That wraps up our Immortals Fenyx Rising map guide, but there's plenty more to discover in this fantastical world. If you want to survive your trek across the land, make sure to check out our lists of the best weapons, the best mounts, and the best gear in Immortals Fenyx Rising. When you have the best items equipped, bring your powers up to scratch and take a look at our list of the best skills in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

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Immortals Fenyx Rising

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