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In roguelike chess adventure Chogue you hunt the king

Chess always lacked a dungeon crawling element

I move the pawn on the far right side forward two spaces. That's my go-to starting move. It frees up my castle guy. I know many things about the Chess, including the names of all the pieces. Like Castle and Horsey and Pointyhat. I know things. That's why I know that something has gone wrong when the Kingperson piece on my opponents side of the board disappears up a flight of stairs and into a darkened realm. Am I... am I supposed to keep playing Chess? Well, in a game that's part Chess and part rogue, I have to do both. Welcome to Chogue.

Pippin Barr and Jonathan Lessard have reinvented a centuries old title as an adventure where you must pursue the evil king through treacherous lands while acquiring gold and upgrading your pawns. It pulls elements from a classic procedural dungeon crawling game called Rogue from 1980 and sends you on a dungeon quest for a special artifact. I'm not sure what I was expecting this to be, but it is most assuredly exactly what it wants to be.

Two weeks back, I had the (sexual?) pleasure of playing Barr's game It Is As If You Were Making Love which is a bizarre experience that you should absolutely load up on your 'puter right now. Especially if you feel like your computer deserves it. Bad computer. Dirty computer.

Pippin Barr makes interesting things, is uh, what I'm getting at here. He's also previously messed with Pong and Breakout.

Play Chogue in your browser right now. Please do better than me.

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