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In the least expected re-release of 2018, Bullet Witch is coming to Steam

Long-Range Bayonetta gets another shot

Everyone loves witches. That's just like, you know, facts. Bullets? Some people are into bullets. Some people are not. But a witch that has bullets? How could that possibly go wrong? Well, three years before we were gifted with Bayonetta, developer Cavia attempted to fuse Western and Japanese sensibilities into a post-apocalyptic monster battle adventure game. Unfortunately, the reviews for the game were just brutal. Which is why it comes as a bit of a surprise to see Bullet Witch finally getting a PC re-release... twelve years later.

Long-Range Bayonetta is the story of Alicia and her unseen pal "Darkness" who are dealing with the problems of a planet-wide demon invasion. Across a number of semi-open world levels, Alicia fires off guns to build up combos that unleash powerful spells and attacks on her enemies. All of that sounds above board, so where did it go so horribly wrong?

Well, turns out that a very Japanese style action game only released on the Xbox 360 super limits access for the intended audience. So not having ever played Bullet Witch, it seems like there's a mix between a semi-broken game, lack of access, and nowhere near the profit required to keep the IP alive.

Last week, publisher XSEED Games announced the localization of several anticipated titles for this year on multiple platforms. The games include Senran Kagura Reflexions, Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal, and Fate/Extella Link -- with Bullet Witch as the surprise addition. The game comes packaged with all the original add-ons and DLC.

Bullet Witch unlocks only two days from now, and you can wishlist it on Steam now. At only $15, there's no reason to not roll some dice on this. Or bullets. Can you roll bullets in games of chance? Find a witch and ask her.

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