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Inaugural Madness: Saints Row 4 Gets Free Demo (Kinda)

You can play a very specific portion of Saints Row 4 right now! Sadly, rolling down the streets while leaving entire city blocks in dubstep-cratered ruins is still off the table, but you now have full, unfettered access to the gloriously unhinged open-worlder's character creator. No, it's not a real taste of all the game has to offer, but the uproarious lunacy is still strong in this one. Want to make Batman villains? Horse people? Whatever this thing is? Then go ahead. Once the full game is out, you'll be able to hop right in as the first, er, female eagle monster eagle mobster pretty-much-anything-you-can-think-of President.

It's not quite Spore creature creator flexible, but then, who needs that when you have easy access to every part needed for a ninja version of Stan Lee or lookalikes from pretty much every series imaginable?

Yes, I might have spent a little too much time pouring over this thing's community upload page. It's a melting pot of originality and blatant imitation. Also, I'm just gonna go ahead and declare most of its contents NSFW. But then, this is the character creator for Saints Row 4. What else would you expect?

Saints Row 4 will be out on August 23rd. It looks overwhelmingly dumb and obnoxious in the best ways possible. Is anyone not excited about it? If so, why don't you want to be happy?

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