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Incredible - Neo Aquarium 2: Ace Of Seafood

I think the best way I can classify Neo Aquarium 2: Ace of Seafood is "fish-person shooter." Or, alternatively, I suppose I can just go with "completely fucking bonkers." In short, it's an over-the-shoulder (fish do not have shoulders; gaming lexicon, you have failed me) third-person shooter where you're a fish that fires lasers in an attempt to blow up worms, fish, and any other foolish bottom-feeder that dares cross your path (fish do not have paths; colloquial lexicon, you have also failed me; language is not powerful enough to handle this game). Everything explodes upon death, and it's amazing. Also, there was totally a Neo Aquarium 1 before this. The fact that I never knew about it until now proves there is no god.

Now, this sushi-scented slice of insanity heralds from Japan, so the status of an eventual translated full version's still up in the air. On the upside, the original - which starred crustaceans, the greatest soundtrack of all time, and some kind of attempt at an honest-to-goodness plot - traveled across the stormy seas by way of Playism, so Ace of Seafood's chances aren't actually all that terrible.

For now, though, the free demo's simple and silly, but probably also leagues better than Half-Life 2. Fish fire lasers, you fire back. And all terrain's fully destructible. TACTICAL FISH ACTION. REVOLUTIONARY BARNACLE PHYSICS. 360 NO PERISCOPE CRABSHOT.

It's stupid. It's amazing. It's very Japanese. I'm going to buy the full version of the original now. I'm going to complete my own existence. I'm going to cry. Thank you so, so, so much, Indie Statik.

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Neo Aquarium 2: Ace of Seafood

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