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The joy of Flash games is so often their simplicity. Simple concepts delivered in a quick-n-fun way, to offer a twenty minute lunchtime distraction. Not a word of this applies to IncrediBots. (Apart from "Flash", "fun" and "a" - so okay, three words apply). This is hardcore.

It's a remarkably complex mix of mechanics and physics, currently in beta, letting you build and play with vehicles of your own devising, to complete a series of challenges. And it's capable of so much more than that. It's too much for my puny brain, but I'm utterly certain that those inclined are going to love it.

An early tutorial instruction reads,

"Good! Now, with the sliding joint selected, check its 'Enable Motor' option to the left. This will give the sliding joint a motor controlled with the up/down keys."

to the right of a menu offering me "Piston Strength" and "Piston Speed" sliders, above a tick box for the "Floppy Joint" and "Auto Oscillate". This isn't You Have To Burn The Rope!


Unfortunately throughout all this all I can think is how "IncrediBots" reminds me of Medibot, and causes me to start shouting its name in a robotic staccato fashion. I am not this game's target audience, for I am an idiot. (For further proof of this, I just attempted to click the "OK" button in a screenshot of the game).

However, I know that you are a far better person than I'll ever be, and you're going to make all of Grubby Games' work worthwhile. This is remarkably detailed and capable, and extremely satisfying. You draw your shapes, connect them with the various joints, apply the appropriate settings, and hit play - your machine springs to life! Go build. Then link us to your vids.

Also, look below for a couple of the more peculiar results of the game's offer to let you record your creations. (These videos are interactive, so zoom out to see everything, and click and drag to move around). Plenty more here.

(Via the ever-splendid FunMotion).

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