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Indie Racer Chalo Chalo Looks Goodo Goodo

Richard Boeser is this close to finally releasing his dual-world cooperative platformer Ibb and Obb on PC, as it's due to arrive this May. He's apparently not content, as he's also partnered with Tomasz Kaye to make Chalo Chalo, a racing game "where planning ahead is more important than speedy reflexes." You play a dot gliding across a world of randomly generated shapes, where different colours of surface slow or speed your journey to the finish line. It looks like the screenshot above, it moves like the trailer below.

We haven't mentioned Ibb and Obb here since 2012, when we let go of its lapels, looked it one last time in the eye and said, "Fine. If you like PlayStation so much, then go." In the time since it has married the PS3, received good reviews, and I've seen enough of it played to know that it still looks great. It's a smart puzzle-platformer. It has kids now. They're very happy.

So whatever Boeser makes next is worth paying attention to, and not just because Chalo Chalo reminds me of dotstream, a game I played but never understood. Chalo Chalo looks more straightforward and I like the idea of a single-screen racer which can create some of the same tension of other local multiplayer games like Towerfall, without the frantic button-mashing and violence.

That said, the game is early in development. Dare we love again? You can follow its progress on the development blog.

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