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Indie Royale Serves Up The Alpha Collection

Last night I woke from chilling dreams in which my gray-haired future self was alphafunding six thousand games simultaneously and buying fourteen indie bundles in every minute of his waking life. Today, the new Indie Royale bundle has been revealed and those two trends of indiedom have intersected, which somehow makes my vision of the future seem all the more possible. The Alpha Collection contains three games that are in development and is currently available for a minimum of £3.17. The games are Towns, which I've previously written about and keep trying to find time to properly revisit, 3079, and Wyv and Keep. More on them and the bundle below.

Towns is an isometric settlement builder that has elements of Majesty and Dwarf Fortress lingering about it, with the player constructing a town atop a dungeon and trying to make a functional economy while also keeping heroes happy and well equipped so that they'll stick around and kill the monsters lurking below. It's coming along very nicely indeed.

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3079 is described as "an alleged lovechild of Minecraft and Fallout", with randomly generated everything making its RPG and combat tick along. It looks like it might turn out to be something quite special but also seems wildly ambitious and I'm not at all sure how well it works at the moment because I haven't played it. Maybe something else to try soon.

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And then there's Wyv and Keep, a co-operative platformer that can be played alone or with another human being. Shades of The Lost Vikings? That's what the developers would have us believe, in which case I am more than happy to try this one as well. Oh, so many games. I get bellyache just thinking about eating them all.

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But what of this alpha bundle? More exposure and development funds for games that might not be as far inserted into the public eye as many of the other titles we've seen in bundles? Maybe so. As Towns is the only one I've played it's the only one I can comment on and it's definitely a game deserving of more attention, as well as being an alpha project that is progressing rapidly.

How does everybody feel about alpha funding today? How does everyone feel about bundles?

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