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Indie Royale's Latest Features Hexcells & Gun Monkeys

Take that, Rohrer

The Indie Royale bundles are certainly amongst the more hit and miss out there. But their latest is a definite hit, simply by containing Hexcells. Have I mentioned Hexcells before? One might argue it's also worth purchasing for some of the other games in there, like PixelJunk Shooter, Gun Monkeys, Megabyte Punch, Ride 'Em Low and Stronghold HD.

But it's mostly about Hexcells.

Indie Royale's USP is that you can pay what you want in an upward direction, but there's a minimum price. At the time of writing it's £3.32. Pay more than that, and you'll drive the price down for others. Pay the minimum and it'll slowly crawl upward. Chuck in a fiver and you'll get an album by MY OK BBS. They've currently shifted 5,000 bundles overnight, but it's interesting to note that only one person has paid the "recommended" price of £16 so far, and no one any higher. Clearly the altruism of Humble Bundles isn't stretching so far today.

Pretty ace bundle. Meanwhile, Humble Bundle X has is about to burst through the $1.5m mark, given a second boost with the addition of HOARD, Strike Suit Zero, and Toki Tori 2+.

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Gun Monkeys

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