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Indies Crash E3: Making E3 A Little More Indie


I don't enjoy E3. It's a vast sprawling convention of monstrous noise and giant corporations, furiously trying to out bass each other in an attempt to hawk their AAA wares. The first time I went, my shoes literally fell to pieces, my feet more blister than skin, as I trudged through the morbid streets of LA to my ant-infested hotel room, writing up the screaming madness I'd seen each day.

And one thing you don't tend to see at E3 is indies. Which makes me very glad that Indies Crash E3 [Kickstarter] exists. In 2013 they paid the way for a number of indie teams to be able to present their games within the corporate madness, and they're after (an extremely small amount of) money, to see if they can do it again.

45,000 people parade through the screaming halls of E3 each year, which is a lot of potential eyes for smaller games. It's also a good way for the developers to meet publishers, or other influential types. Certainly events like PAX make this slightly easier, but my goodness, it would make E3 a nicer place to be.

The $4,000 goal gets passes for five independent developers, but obviously there are hopes of raising more. Should they see $10,000 come in, that affords the project a proper booth at the event. Last time they managed to get sited next to Nintendo, and clearly there's a desire to see something similar happen here. Hit $30k and they'll look to produce swag for the indies to give away, as well as obviously take a lot more people over.

E3 are apparently very supportive of the initiative, which is splendid news. All they need now is for people to give them money.

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