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Industries Of Titan and eight other games are Epic's next exclusives

Sizzle reel and all

Spring has not yet sprung in my neck of the woods but Epic are busy planting the seeds for new games regardless. They've announced the next "PC exclusive titles" coming to the Epic Game Store throughout the season and it's a nice-lookin' bunch. Control's first DLC is among them, as are several solid indie games you may recognize from trailers and reveals during last year's E3 presentations.

As we know, The Foundation expansion for Control will take Jesse on more of those surreal adventures from the main game this Thursday, March 26th.

Aside from Control, Epic have corralled a nice herd of neat indie games. Silly physics game Totally Reliable Delivery Service will launch on April 1st and the things that your delivery agents will have to navigate do indeed look like a horrible prank.

Industries Of Titan will arrive on April 14th, which Nate has dubbed one of the best upcoming city builders. "For all I care it could be a re-skin of SimCity 2000, and I’d still snap it up," he says. "But it looks like it’ll verge pretty far into 4X and RTS territory, as well as doing everything you’d expect from a town ‘em up."

The pretty purple-tinged game Among Trees will be beginning as an early access game this summer. It's a a survival exploration game where you'll be avoiding dangerous forest predators like bears while expanding on your cabin and scavenging for food. Dare I compare it to The Long Dark?

Epic are also adding tactical turn-based RPG Dread Nautical, free-to-play FPS Diabotical, survival horror Saturnalia, first person adventure Sludge Life, and slice-y fighting game Samurai Shodown.

You can get more details on each of these upcoming games from Epic's post.

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