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Space city-builder Industries Of Titan is now on Steam, still in early access

Expanding to new territories

Space-based city-builder Industries Of Titan has has launched itself into early access. Again, that is. The micromanage-y space corp management game has been in early access for a bit over a year with a number of updates an improvements. It's now arrived on Steam, still in early access, with plans to stay there around another year. Today's new trailer highlights some of the flashy new bits that have been added to the game already.

Industries Of Titan plops you on yon moon of Saturn to scrap the remains of a former city and build up new again. You'll do much of the familiar city-builder stuff such as constructing buildings for generating power and resources and all. This is space though, so there's also ship combat with rebel forces and the like. You can catch a bit of that ship versus ship action here in the new trailer.

Steve Hogarty took a look at it last year in RPS's Industries Of Titan early access review. In particular, one of IOT's neatest bits is that it requires you to manage the interior of your buildings in addition to the high-level city view.

"The two layers of the game operate in tandem as your workers excavate minerals and isotopes from the environment and physically place them inside storage contained within buildings. Where most other city builders obfuscate this aspect with some handwavey notion of an unseen, amorphous stockpile being filled or depleted, Industries Of Titan falls more in line with the likes of Rimworld and Dwarf Fortress, and has your collected resources exist right there in the world. A problem in the city view, like a gun turret losing energy and going limp, can usually be traced back to something very specific having gone wrong on one of the floors of your buildings."

Hogarty also mentioned that it was a pretty swell game so far, but said it was likely worth waiting for more to be added to its sandbox-y state.

IOT has certainly had plenty of updates since last summer, according to its roadmap. Lots of details about ships—customisation and combat and the like—have made it in alongside job management and other bits. Yet to come are additions such as new buildings, new factions, and new win conditions.

According to IOT's now active Steam store page, Brace Yourself Games say that their "very rough estimate is one year" for continued early access development.

You can now find Industries Of Titan over on Steam where it's discounted by 20% to £18.39/€22.39/$23.99 until June 28. It remains available on the Epic Games Store as well.

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