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Factory-Fresh Smell: Infinifactory Out Of Early Access

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Infinifactory [official site] is another thing-making puzzler from SpaceChem chap Zachary Barth, this time going into 3D to set up production lines manufacturing goods for cruel alien overlords. It initially launched incomplete on Steam Early Access in January, though even at the time John was really into it.

Maybe you'd rather wait until it was fully finished before playing yourself. In which case, good news: after five months of updates adding so, so much more, Infinifactory has launched out of Early Access to become a proper released game.

Infinifactory puts you in charge of designing production lines so that raw materials put in come out as the product you're ordered to make. You put together blocks which affect your WIP materials in some way, moving them, stamping, painting, rotating, milling, and so on. You can - and will need to - build pretty intricate production lines. You also get to compare your efficiency to your friends, pushing you to improve.

Its five months on Early Access brought new mini-campaigns, new block types, a more advanced level editor, and plenty more.

Infinifactory is out for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Right now it's £17.09 on Steam or £14.99 on Humble Store, who simply bung you a Steam key anyway.

If you don't mind Early Access games, mind, Zachtronics put out TIS-100 last month too. It's a puzzler that'll have you writing assembly code to fix a weird old computer.

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