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Infinifactory: By The Maker Of SpaceChem And Infiniminer

A combination of both.

Zachtronics has linked the SpaceChem molecule to the Infiniminer molecule to create and announce their new game: Infinifactory. It's "Like SpaceChem... In 3D!" says the site, which sounds like a very good thing when you consider that SpaceChem broke the brains and captured the hearts of just about everyone at RPS who played it.

There's only a little information about this new game, but it's about designing and running factories and optimising them via histograms just as before, but now you'll be doing it in "exotic alien locales" with a "next-generation block engine". Alright. It's due in Early Access later this year.

There's not much more information available than that - it'll have Steam Workshop integration so people can create their own puzzles, and there'll be a story-driven campaign with over 30 puzzles.

SpaceChem was beloved for its ingenious puzzles, the room it created for player creativity, and the odd twists of its progression and story. Infiniminer meanwhile was a multiplayer game that developer Zach Barth made beforehand. It was never finished or released commercially, but it's best known now as part of the inspiration for Minecraft. Combining the two is an interesting idea because they're cool things independently, and because it's sort of hard to picture how you represent the complexity of the former in a block engine like the latter.

Zachtronics' last game was Ironclad Tactics, a neat, comparatively simple collectible card game. There doesn't seem to be an Ironclad molecule connected to this new game, though.

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