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Inside and Celeste are free on the Epic Games Store now

A pleasant (and quite different) pair of platformers

"Inside does insert some big ideas into its slender and sinister frame, but that's not why I loved it – it's the execution of the big, broad, b-movie elements that I adored," our former Adam (RPS in peace) said when we called Inside one of 2016's best games.

"It's a tricky platform game, with a beautifully melancholy story, and enough creativity on show to give me strength even when the going got so tough I almost lost hope," Adam (again) said in our Celeste review in 2018.

Good pair of platformers, those, and quite different. Good news too: both are currently free for keepsies on the Epic Games Store.

Head on over by Thursday, December 5th and you can grab the pair for free. You will need an Epic account, obvs, and the Epic Launcher to download 'em.

We have a formal Inside review too, by the way. Our former John (RPS in pieces) was considerably less into the Limbo follow-up than the rest of the gang. But for free, even he'd probably recommend you go have a look. It is quite pretty when it wants to be.

We called Celeste one of the best of its year too, as well as gushing over its dash move.

Epic do pay developers for these giveaways. They're part of Epic's spend-o-rama to bootstrap their subpar store, see. I'll take the carrot of freebies over the stick of exclusives, ta. We recently spoke to Epic and their latest indie exclusives about all that.

The next freebies, from September 5th, will be lovely undersea adventure Abzu and murderous platformer The End Is Nigh. In other freebie news, Humble are giving away Steam keys for Dirt Rally for a few days.

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