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Interactive Fiction Competition 2007

It's time to get judgmental. The 13th Annual IF Competition is underway, and awaiting your vote.

The internet is so much older than you'd think. For 13 years the newsgroup rec.arts.int-fiction has been voting on Interactive Fiction games, to decide upon the best that year. And yes, sure, games may now have something called "graphics", but it's a passing fad. Get over it.

There's a lot of responsibility here. There's a huge 29 entrants, and to make any sensible vote, you'll surely have to play all of them. And no, you're not allowed to vote based on their names, because otherwise Slap That Fish and Lord Bellwater's Secret would walk it.

Everything's neatly packaged, with two easy zip files to download or torrent, which will install all the interpreters in one go, and give you all the games. And then quit your job, play them all through before the 15th November, and vote.

Actually, the rules are far more complicated. You've got to play at least five games to vote, play each game for two hours AND NO MORE before voting, and goodness knows what else. Follow this to see them in full. If you can still muster the energy to take part, you are a winner yourself.

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