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Interstellar Spacebiff: Salvation Prophecy

How to describe what Salvation Prophecy might turn out to be? It's tempting to invoke Space Rangers 2, with its simulated space sectors and changeable game world, as well as its clunky third person planetary assaults. Salvation Prophecy has four factions, space combat, planetside exploration and warfare, and what appears to be strategic fleet control. I'm not sure how freeform it is, the alien investigations in particular look like they are part of a rigid plot rather than an open galaxy strategy-RPG. Perhaps you'll be able to discern more from the trailer below, which I thought was going to be artwork with stilted voiceover for a little while. And then the gameplay footage kicked in.

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Several questions come to mind, the first of which is 'why haven't I heard of this before?' Scanning Youtube with my space sensors brings evidence of previous videos and progress has clearly been made. In fact, attempting to buy the game from the website leads to a page that claims it's finished and all that stands between us and it is a publisher deal.

There are a lot of elements at work and, as with Space Rangers, it's perhaps inevitable that some will be implemented more successfully than others. On top of that, without playing it's hard to know how much of the impressive space battles is scripting at work and how much is down to happenstance and artificial brain thoughts.

Whatever the case, it's something that I didn't know existed this morning and now, thanks to Indie Game Magazine, I do and I want to try it right now. That means it's either quite a good trailer and feature list or I'm easily won over by potential follies of grand ambition and scope. Possibly both. I shall now prepare to launch myself at Firedance Games in an effort to board and discover more information.

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Salvation Prophecy


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