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Into The East: Crusader Kings II - Rajas Of India

A date with dynasty

Rajas Of India is the next gargantuan expansion for 2012-2013's best strategy game, Crusader Kings II. Your date with the Rajas is set for March 25th, which should give you just enough time to buy something nice to wear and book a table at that fancy restaurant that everybody keeps going on about. I've already gathered a wealth of information about what to expect, as well as thoughts on the expanded map, and new faiths and cultures. The ten minute video below contains much of the same information, delivered directly from the mind and mouth of Henrik Fåhraeus, the man who made the Middle Ages.

You may have noticed that the video is titled Crusader Kings 2 - Rajas Of India Highlights. An editor has been snipping away at the original footage, which consists of more than an hour of heresy and horseplay. If you are so inclined, you can watch the entire thing in neatly divided chapters.

If you enjoy that sort of thing, you really should bookmark the developer's Twitch page. They're a socially active bunch, and it's genuinely enjoyable to see designers and producers freed of PR filters.

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Crusader Kings II

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