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Into The Pit is a roguelike where you shoot magic bullets from your hands

It looks like Doom but with more magic

During Xbox's Gamescom showcase tonight, I certainly wasn't expecting to find a new roguelite to end up obsessing over, yet here we are. Into The Pit is an upcoming "retro-FPS" that sends you into demonic-looking dungeons to shoot baddies with magic hand bullets. Like, the magic you shoot from your fingertips looks and sounds like it should be coming out of a gun. The trailer gives me gunless Doom vibes.

Into The Pit will have you exploring a demonic pit in a village, inside of which you'll gain access to magical powers with which to blast some demons with. Humble say the levels are short and sweet, and you'll be able to mix runes and things to create different encounters when you enter the dungeons.

I'm honestly just a huge fan of the magic hand guns. The fact that it's an occult-themed, colourful roguelite is the cherry on top.

Alice tells me I have to mention the hand-fired blades of Devil Daggers, and yeah, after having a quick looksie those are very good hand weapons too.

Into The Pit is developed by Nullpointer Games and published by Humble. It's set to release on October 19th on Steam, the Humble Store, and Xbox Game Pass.

The developer behind Nullpointer is Tom Betts, who was previously a part of Big Robot (who made The Signal From Tölva and The Light Keeps Us Safe) with RPS co-founder Jim Rossignol. He's known for his good procedurally-generated stuff in games like Meadows and Permutation Racer.

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Into The Pit

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