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Ion Maiden adds a new, creepy level with today's update

Creepy carnage

Retro FPS Ion Maiden's latest early access update, 'Heskel's House of Horrors' is now live on Steam, adding a big, new level to Voidpoint's 90s-styled shooter.

The new trailer shows off the same unapologetic carnage but this time set in the titular Heskel's House of Horrors. The retro graphical style inspires nostalgia and the house itself is reminiscent of Lara's home in the early Tomb Raider games - y'know, if Croft Manor had been overrun with gun-toting, bloodthirsty enemies. But don't take my word for it, you can check out the fast-paced, pixel-y gore in the trailer below.

According to the announcement on Steam, the update also includes "tons of new features and additions," including a new secondary fire mode for weapons.

The retro FPS was released early last year as a Steam Early Access title and includes a short preview campaign which is "stupid and crass and loud and gory and everything else you could hope for," according to John, who had the chance to play it last March. The preview version will be replaced by an entirely new campaign and multiplayer is also expected to be added when the game officially launches.

Ion Maiden is expected to leave Steam Early Access early this year and will be available via GOG too.

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